About us

Indonesia's rate of electrification is one of the lowest in the region with approximately a shocking 90 million people not having access to ready electricity. Over the past two decades we have been involved with providing electricity solutions to both the private and public sectors of Indonesia. We believe that we are doing our part in the contribution to the development of the economy and the betterment of the standard of living of these Indonesian people.

Our experience has been filled with learning and growth. We know the importance of understanding our clients' and partners' challenges in order to engage ourselves in the mission of providing the best solutions. We have worked on the continuous improvement and strengthening our EPC and IPP businesses. It is with these experiences and practice that I can confidently say that PT Pusaka Jaya International has exceptional long-term growth prospects.

We take pride in our expertise in engineering, procurement and construction of power plants. We are humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the building of Indonesia's future.


Provide the energy generation and engineering solution to Indonesia's public and private sectors in both rural and metropolitan areas.


  1. Be the leader in complete power plant engineering, erection, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance in Indonesia.
  2. Provide reliable, secure, safe and competitive products and services at a high standard of quality.

Products & Services

A Brief Look at What We Do
  • Steam power plant construction and installation
  • Steam power plant equipment supply, construction supervision and commissioning
  • Steam power plant turn key project
  • Water treatment equipment design, supply and service
  • Energy improvement engineering
  • Steam power plant operation and maintenance service
  • Steam power plant design and consultant

PT. Indo Pusaka Berau

Mine Mouth Coal - Fired Steam Power plant Project

PT. Pusaka Jaya Palu Power

Coal-Fired Steam Power Plant Project

Company History

In 1992, PT PJB and PT PJI commenced cooperation with Chinese engineering company - Shandong Machinery Import and Export Group (SDMIEC). This collaboration had since spawned the successful construction of many coal-fired steam power plants all over Indonesia. As a representative of SDMIEC in Indonesia, PJB and PJI aim to provide electricity to remote and isolated areas by facilitating the construction of the power plants.

In 2003, following Albert Wu's vision, the company's first independent power producer (IPP) project was constructed. The 2 x 7 megawatt (MW) power plant in Lati Berau, East Kalimantan started operations in 2004 and is legally registered as PT Indo Pusaka Berau PLTU; as another one of PJB's subsidiaries.

Following the success of the first IPP project, in 2005 the Regional Government of Palu officially invited PJB to assist in Palu's electricity crisis. As a response to this invitation, PJB constructed two coal-fired steam power plants as an IPP. This power plant has the capacity of 2 x 15 MW and is legally registered under PT Pusaka Jaya Palu Power (PJPP), PLTU - PJB being one of the shareholders.

Since then PJB and PJI has, under the management of Albert Wu, facilitated the construction of many more power plants in Indonesia. We are very proud and very humbled to assist in filling the electricity demands of the Indonesian Government and private industries.

Our Team